March 14, 2017 – Annual Meeting

The Annual Township meeting, held in the Town of Crystal Bay in the County of Lake, State of Minnesota, in Finland, Minnesota on the 14th day of March 2017 was called to order by Debra A. Johansen, Town Clerk at 7:00 p.m. in the Clair Nelson Intermodal Transportation Center.  Mat Tyler was chosen to preside as Moderator at the meeting. Attendance – 16 residents, 1 non- resident.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the moderator.


The Moderator, at the opening of the meeting, stated the business to be transacted and the order of same, as follows:  1) Determine the tax levies for 2018 and 2) see the agenda attached and to do any other business proper to be done at this meeting.


Resolved by motion (M – Michelle Krech, S – Pam Melby) to waive the reading of and place on file the minutes of the last Annual Meeting as copies had been supplied to those present.  Approved


Resolved by motion (M- Marc Smith, S –Paul Hartshorn) to approve the treasurer’s report as read and explained by Lisa Abazs, Treasurer.  Approved


Lise Abazs announced the Town Board is seeking anyone interested in becoming a Deputy Treasurer / Clerk.


David Abazs gave Supervisors report.  New truck was purchased. It was very much needed and well used this last plowing season! David reported we have a stockpile of gravel (class 5) which will be available for township roads for years to come. Air Base Road had been over taken and maintained this last year.


Doug Perfetto gave a road and equipment activities report for Township Roads and Equipment repairs and maintenance for the year 2016. He reports the purchase of the new truck and plow was a great decision. Plowing fuel costs have been cut in ½ and less damage to roads this year.

Plans are being made to chloride roads this year for dust control and a few culverts need to be cleaned out.  Salveson Road:  Will be finished this summer with funds from Grant covering 98% of costs.

Air Base Road:  Needs major brushing as was hard to push snow this last season.  We are still looking into Federal and States Funds for maintaining road. With the County meeting here at the Clair Nelson Center next week, it would be a great opportunity to ask about status of funding.

Doug wanted everyone to know if anyone has a problem with any Township Road – please do not hesitate to call.  If neighbors plow snow across road, please call so he can come clean it up so he is not hitting frozen heaps with the plow.

The slab for the RV Dump will be finished early summer and will be available for use.

Honor Schauland thanked Pudgy on behalf of all for his dedication and attention to our Township!

We all clapped!!



Cemetery update:  Paul Hartshorn led a discussion of future plans of a Memorial and repairs to Stone Arch. Dead trees have been removed and some stones have been cleaned.


Honor Schauland gave yearly report on the Clair Nelson Center and the Friends of Finland.

Pam Melby thanked and recognized Honor for all she does for our community.!   J


Julie Billings for the Silver Bay Library gave a recap on library usage in 2016. Also shared the coloring book made from children’s coloring contest.  Asking for 2017 support.


Resolved by motion (M – David Abazs, S – Michelle Krech) to donate $1000.00 to the Silver Bay Public Library for 2017. Approved.


Resolved by Motion (M – Lisa Abazs, S – Honor Schauland) to donate $250.00 to the North Shore Area Partners for the Bay Days Fund Raiser / July 2017. Approved.

Goal is to increase North Shore Area Partners use at the Clair Nelson Center.


David Abazs presented proposed Tax Levy. Town Board proposing using same levy as last year.


Resolved by Motion (Nancy Olson, S – David Perfetto) to accept 2018 Tax Levy as recommended by the board as follows. Approved.


General Fund                    35,000

Road & Bridge                   50,000

Emergency Services        22,500

Cemetery                              2,000

Capital Equipment             5,000

Rec Building                        25,000

Capital Improvements     5,000


Total Levy                        144,500


Honor held discussion of ideas of affordable housing within the Township. Is asking for support from the Town Board.


Resolved by Motion (M – Honor Schauland, S – David Abazs) to support energy efficient, affordable housing in Crystal Bay area in the near future, that fits with our culture, climate, and community and is accessible.  Approved.


A discussion was held concerning the Elections / Mail in Ballot.  David Abazs shared numbers from Lake County Auditor’s Office.  Pros and cons were discussed with both mail in and having polling place. A vote was taken:  8 – Polling / 10 – Mail in and 1 –  No Vote.  Question raised if we could get a list of voters and the possibility of a drop box on election day.






Resolved by Motion (M – Nancy Olson, S – Amy Gardner) to adjourn meeting at 9:15 p.m. until March 13, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Clair Nelson Intermodal Transportation Center.  Approved.