April 26, 2017 – Board of Review

The Crystal Bay Town Board, meeting as the Board of Review, was called to order at 1:00 p.m. at the Clair Nelson Center by David Abazs.

Present:  David Abazs, Paul Hartshorn, Pam Melby and Deb Johansen – Lake County Assessor, Greg Swartwoudt -Chief Deputy Assessor, Noah Mittlefehldt  –Deputy Assessor, Mark Collen. Unless otherwise stated, all actions have been approved by unanimous yea vote.


The meeting was turned over to Greg Swartwoudt, Lake County Assessor.  David Abazs explained that this meeting is for assessment of value, not an adjustment of taxes.


Appearing before the Board of Review:


Marvin & Linda Christensen:  Appealing increase in value. Stated there had been an increase of 30,000 2 years ago. Township values had been raised to come into line with the rest of the county. The County had started this program approximately 5 years ago.  The said increase affected the taxes that are payable this year. Recommend to not change valuation on property.

Pete Opsal property:  Feels this property is over-valued. There is a garage with living quarters above and a rental (Old store – 65,800 current value).  Discussion on deterioration of the rental foundation. Township recommends we check and/or inspect and lower the value by 7000.00, adjusting for age of building.


Motion by Paul Hartshorn, seconded by David Abazs to adjust value & age from 183,900 to 176,800 on property ID # 27-5707-32196.


Cory Holden:  Cory questioned the difference of an appraisal value versus an assessed value on his and his grandmother’s homes. County claims they should be similar and suggest they look into it further and determine if any future adjustments will be needed.


Tom and Judy Lovdahl:  Complaint of neighbors junk cars and starting a wood processing lot. It was suggested they contact the County Planning & Zoning.


Mike Davies Letter:  In 2010 Mike had bought cabin on Klinker road and was classified as Seasonal / Recreation.  Requesting being changed to non – homestead as his son Aaron is living on property.  Suggestion of putting property in Aaron name to be able to claim homestead.


Motion by Paul Hartsorn, seconded by David Abazs to approve classification as Non – Homestead.


Motion by Paul Hartshorn, seconded by Pam Melby to certify assessments and changes that were adjusted.


The County Board of Equalization will meet Monday, June 19, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. at the Lake County Court House. Commissioners Board Room, 2nd floor, 601 Third Avenue, Two Harbors, Minnesota.


Motion by Paul Hartshorn, seconded by Pam Melby to adjourn this Board of Review meeting at 2:45 p.m.