February 20, 2018

David Abazs, Chair, called the regular meeting of the Crystal Bay Town Board of Supervisors to order at 7:04 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance at the Clair Nelson Intermodal Transportation Center.

Present: David Abazs, Deb Johansen, Lise Abazs, Paul Hartshorn, Doug Perfetto, Pam Melby, Peter Smerud, and Honor Schauland.

Unless otherwise stated, all actions have been approved by unanimous yea vote.

Motion by Paul Hartshorn, seconded by Pam Melby to approve the minutes of the last meeting.

Motion by Pam Melby, seconded by Paul Hartshorn to approve agenda.

Motion by Pam Melby, seconded by Paul Hartshorn to accept Treasurer’s Report.

Receipts: $79.93
Disbursements: $9524.21
Check Book Balance: $189,715.86
Investments Total: $9357.08
(Balances as of January 31, 2018)

Motion by Pam Melby, seconded by Paul Hartshorn to pay bills presented for payment.


Peter Smerud, on behalf of Wolf Ridge ELC shared with the board concerns they are having with plowing of the ELC Road. He stated he was anticipating some cooperation with Crystal Bay Township and plow equipment. They are having truck issues and trouble loading sand at the County garage. There was a discussion on a possible trade and / or billing. Doug stated he could help push snow banks back if needed. Park Hill Road was mentioned – ELC road could be done at the same time. If ELC could open up Park Hill before school bus time – we could do ELC road. It was decided to try to help each other out to get through the rest of this season. Will revisit issue before next season and look at some kind of long term agreement.

Motion by Paul Hartshorn, seconded by Pam Melby, to share road plowing and/or sanding with the Wolf Ridge ELC as needed for the rest of this season. Passed.


Doug gave road report. States he is having a problem at 6189 Ostman Road, where vehicles are left in the way of plowing. Deb will send letter stating the Township will cease from plowing if vehicles are not removed.
Doug received new radio from Pete Walsh – returning one currently has. BJ from Lake county Rescue walked through instructions on how to use.
Received complaint on blinding lights on plow truck. Doug thinks he can slow down the lights so they won’t flash as fast. Also complaint about lights not being legal, but Doug has checked with the Department of Transportation and they are fine.
Doug suggested we purchase a new snow blower for at Clair Nelson Center. Stated he wants to remove big rocks this summer so next plowing season he’s not hitting them with the plow.
Complaints once again concerning the Airbase and Park Hill Roads. Issues have been addressed.


Honor gave report on Rec Center. Reapplying for a Bush Foundation Innovation Grant for food system work at the end of March.  A lot of little things on the building have needed repairs.
Is planning on inviting the OneRoof Housing Land Trust to a future Township meeting.
There is a ServSafe Manager class scheduled for April 30th.


Posters have been made for both the Annual Meeting and Mail Ballot Information. Will be putting ad in shopper.
There was a discussion on the Tax Levy and was decided we did not need to make any changes.
The Board recommended the following for approval at the annual meeting.

General Fund: 35,000
Road & Bridge: 50,000
Emergency Services: 22,500
Cemetery: 2,000
Recreation Bldg: 25,000
Capital Equipment: 5,000
Capital Improvement: 5,000
Bldg. & Grounds

Total: 144,500

Email from Brett Ballavance, Wenck Associates in Duluth, MN concerning assistance in the evaluation for water / sewer septic systems. The MPCA administers a grant program of up to 60,000 to small communities to investigate septic system status in a community. David will contact for more information and ask about attending a Township meeting.

Motion by Pam Melby, seconded by David Abazs, to adjourn meeting at 8:30 p.m. until March 20, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. at the Clair Nelson Intermodal Transportation Center.