Getting Started with Solar – Crystal Bay Solar Landing Page

This page contains information about solar energy in Crystal Bay. Crystal Bay is part of the SolSmart program, a national designation program through the Department of Energy recognizing SolSmart is a national recognition program which encourages cities to make it faster, easier, and more affordable to grow solar energy.

About Solar Energy

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity, to provide hot water, and to heat, cool, and light buildings.  

Minnesota is a great place for solar energy.  Believe it or not, much of the Midwest has the same solar potential as Tallahassee, FL and Houston, TX! Through a combination of utility rebates and new technology, solar electricity continues to become more affordable and a more common part of our energy system. 

Zoning, Permit and Inspection Process

For solar systems in Crystal Bay, the following permit process is required

  • Electrical permits are granted through the State of MN. To apply for an electrical permit online, click here.
  • Crystal Bay does not enforce the Minnesota State building code, so no building permit is required.
  • A land use permit may be required as specified in the Lake County zoning ordinance, linked here.
  • Inspections occur through a State of Minnesota Inspector, more information can be found on the state webpage
  • Solar PV Inspection Checklist for Minnesota can be found at this link
  • For more information on electrical permitting, contact our state inspectors:
  • Ronald Beldo: 218-290-3742
  • Bruce Bonicatto: 218-780-5014

Interested in your own solar energy system? 
Wondering if a particular site in Minnesota is good for solar energy? The Minnesota Solar Suitability App  can help. This tool displays the solar potential of every spot in the state of Minnesota. With this data, and the services provided through this application, home and business owners can easily identify the solar potential of their property.  

How can I find a solar developer?  
Minnesota is home to many solar companies. The Clean Energy Project Builder is a great place to find an assortment of clean energy businesses including solar installers, community solar garden developers, energy auditors and more state webpage