Crystal Bay Land Use and Access Project

Community Values

Goal: Create a process for Crystal Bay Township to use as guidelines for community land access and use that fosters sustainable community development.

Project Outcomes:

  1. an ecological assessment of Crystal Bay Township,
  2. an assessment of current land assets that can be used for community projects as well as
    a priority list for future township land acquisition to support community needs
  3. guidelines for community land use that protect the integrity of the Lake Superior
    Watershed based on the ecological assessment,
  4. guidelines for community land use that legally protect Crystal Bay Township when
    allowing access to township land by community members,
  5. a process in place that allows for fair and equitable access to township-owned land.


  1. Background research: Review current policies in Crystal Bay township; Lake County and the State of MN that support the work that is being done. Review Crystal Bay Township comprehensive plan; Research other governmental bodies that allow public land to be used by private citizens for the good of the community.
  2. Expert Consultation: Identify and connect with local and regional GIS, Wildlife Biologists, Foresters, Sustainable Development, Government Officials that can provide guidance for the project. USFS – GIS, Wildlife biologists, Foresters Lake County – the county administrator, planning and zoning University of MN – Duluth – Community economics; Leadership and Civic Engagement; NE Regional Sustainable Development Partnership MN DNR- GIS, Forestry and Wildlife biologists
  3. Community engagement/Feedback/Public Comment: We will have multiple feedback processes in place. We will host a table at the Finland Farmer’s Market to share about the project and get feedback. There will be a community meeting to allow for public comment.
  4. Develop a plan for sustainable land use and guidelines for community access of township owned lands. This will be an iterative process that is modified with each additional input from experts and the community.
  5. Legal review of the guidelines: We will work with the township legal representative to ensure that the guidelines fully protect the township.
  6. Township board votes to adopt the plan and use it to foster economic development and meet community needs.
Click image to open full document in new tab.
Click image to open full document in new tab.

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